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Application Form

Please read the following information BEFORE completing the application.

Open Farm Day Hosts:

  • Operate a farm and/or an agriculture site which provides information on agriculture, agriculture production, and/or produces agricultural products, services or direct farm marketing experiences.
  • Provide safe, educational and enjoyable “experiences” (ex. tours, displays, activities, attractions, etc.) for visitors. Hosts may decide to charge fees for some experiences. Any fees that will be charged need to be identified/listed as part of the operation’s information on the Open Farm Day website. Hosts may also have products available for sale and these need to be identified/listed as part of the Host Farm offerings during Open Farm Day.
  • Provide Premises Identification Number to the Open Farm Day Coordinator, if the operation has livestock. See details below.
  • Secure proper Food Service Certification if applicable. See details below.
  • Ensure proper Liability Insurance Coverage for Open Farm Day. See below.

There are a number of requirements that need to be in place before becoming an Open Farm Day Host. Please see below:

PREMISES IDENTIFICATION (ID): is a mandatory traceability system in Manitoba for livestock and poultry.

FOOD SAFETY: is in everyone’s best interest, and regulations must be followed.


  • Each participating host farm is required to have its own liability insurance specific to Open Farm Day activities.
  • Please check with your insurance agent about getting the proper liability coverage for your farm.
  • A copy of your liability coverage or signed certificate of liability insurance is required as part of your application. This must be sent by mail to: Open Farm Coordinator, 2 Evergreen Blvd., Brandon, MB R7B 2N3

If you know of other farms in your area that might be interested in being a host farm, please encourage them to apply or let us know because during past Open Farm Day events, it was found that there were more visits to clusters of farms located within an hour’s drive of each other. Local ag societies in your area are willing to help if you need help before and/or during Open Farm Day.

Open Farm Day staff will visit your farm site prior to the event to share information on safety awareness with you.

For questions about Open Farm Day, please email:

or phone: 1-204-727-1852

Application Form

If no Premise ID # have you sent in an application?

Temporary Food Handling/Market Permit:

See host site registration page for info on Premise ID #’s and how to obtain a Food Handler’s Permit.

Host Site/Farm Information: (NOTE: This information will go in the Open Farm Day brochure. Please be as accurate as possible.)

(Close to what town/community, etc.)

(e.g., dairy farm, beef farm, grain, museum, agri-tourism, etc.)

(i.e., hands-on activities, information, tours, will people be able to purchase products/food, etc.)

Global Positioning System (GPS) Coordinates:

Thank you for your interest as an Open Farm Day Host!